World Renowned Choreographer/Director, Liz Imperio, has created a ground breaking online educational/motivational video series and workbook program for dancers …BREAKING BARRIERS.


Being a leader in the dance industry for more than 25 years, Liz has developed a program to teach her trade secrets and tools that can help fuel your dancer achieve their next level of success, and beyond. Too many dancers guess their way to their dream…they get lost along the way, and they quit before they ever really get started. Every dancer deserves the opportunity to be inspired and motivated to reach a greater level of self worth within themselves.


Now’s the time to elevate your dancers’ A-Game for the upcoming dance season. Gear up your child with the mental, emotional, and physical tools that will improve their performance in class, stage, and life!

Watch Breaking Barriers Promo Trailers of each Program

Setting Goals

Setting Goals | Part I

Driving Force Of Your Success

Driving Force Of Your Success | Part II

Tools of Your Trade

Tools of Your Trade | Part III

Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions | Part IV

Watch the FIRST day of each Program

Setting Goals

Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: Visualization
Day 3: Research
Day 4: Organization
Day 5: Execution
Bonus Day 6: Dancers Resource Guide

Setting Goals Part I
Driving Force of Your Success

Day 1: Invest in Yourself
Day 2: Your Connection to Dance
Day 3: Your Emotional Connection
Day 4: Your Inspiration
Day 5: Why Do You Dance?

Driving Force Of Your Success Part II
Tools of Your Trade

Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: Mental Tools
Day 3: Physical Tools Pt. 1
Day 4: Physical Tools Pt. 2
Day 5: Emotional Tools Pt. 1
Day 6: Emotional Tools Pt. 2
Day 7: Self Worth

Tools of Your Trade
Studio Sessions

Day 1: Conditioning Pt. 1
Day 2: Conditioning Pt. 2
Day 3: Progression Pt. 1
Day 4: Progression Pt. 2
Day 5: Choreography

Studio Sessions
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